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What are the benefits of reading to your child at bedtime?

Updated: Mar 8

There are many

There are many benefits of reading to your child at bedtime:

It promotes bonding between you and your child. It’s a special time where you can cosy up and spend uninterrupted (hopefully!) time together.

· Interacting verbally with your child – including reading to them – lowers their stress levels and allows better learning.

· It fires up the imagination by taking you and your child on fantastic journeys together, all without needing to step out the front door!

· It enhances a child’s verbal and communication skills and is fundamental to future reading success. There is evidence to suggest that bedtime stories can rewire the brain to accelerate their mastery of language.

· It helps your child recognise logical patterns and predict outcomes, which will be beneficial when later acquiring skills in maths, science and music.

· It significantly improves their attention span. This means that they can concentrate for longer in school, resulting in better education outcomes overall.

· It allows your child to express their individuality and discover interests not traditionally covered in the school curriculum.

· It allows your child a safe place to explore their emotions and bring up difficult topics for discussion.

· Seeing the world through the eyes of another person promotes their capacity for empathy.

· But most of all, it can be fun! Sharing fun times together creates special memories.

father reading a book to his son


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