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Dogs Counting Book

Dogs A Counting & Comparing Book cover
Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Dogs, A Counting & Comparing Book is a FUN, rhyming Counting Book about dogs to help your child learn to count from 1 to 10.

Every page is filled with brightly coloured, funny illustrations of dogs of all kinds and sizes.


It explores comparisons as well as counting, such as long/  short, young/ old, quiet/ noisy, happy/ sad, tall/ short, awake/ asleep, light/ dark and relaxed/ energetic.

Your challenge - can you find all the dog breeds listed at the back of the book?


An entertaining and educational book for 2-5 year-olds and early years classrooms.

ISBN: 9780646890043

Winner of the Literary Titans Gold Book Award, 2024

"Dogs, A Counting & Comparing Book is an excellent choice for young readers who have a fondness for dogs and learning. It skilfully blends entertainment with education, making it a noteworthy addition to children’s literature in the genre of counting and comparison."

Two cartoon dogs and reviews of Dogs, A Counting & Comparing Book
Sample pages from Dogs, A Counting & Comparing Book showing three dogs
Sample pages from Dogs, A Counting & Comparing Book

FREE Learning Resources

Book notes for Dogs, A Counting & Comparing Book

A guide for parents/ teachers on how to use the book to enhance learning.

Questions to ask.

Ideas to explore.

Dogs Colouring Pack Freebie

FREE 10-page Dogs Colouring Pack printable

Lots of colouring fun!

Perfect for any kid who loves dogs.

Amazon reviews

Dogs counting - OMGosh this book had me LOLing and appreciating a well-written story! Frances Mackay has done a stellar job in so many ways - as a counting book, as a funny storybook, as a dog informational book, as a seek-and-find book too. I’m impressed with the fully developed storyline, which is often overlooked in counting books for this age group. I’m impressed with the illustrations that accurately depict the differences between breeds of dogs. Finally, I’m impressed with all the comical, little additions that make you laugh, search, recount, etc…. One of the BEST counting books I’ve seen!

This book is so well done! I enjoyed every aspect of it. It's cute and fun, with engaging illustrations and rhyming words. While there are a lot of counting books out there already, I appreciate how this author put a different spin on hers, making it stand out from the rest. Not only does it keep the attention of little ones, but I also found it fun to read aloud.


A very cute book, that will enable the 2-5 yr old to learn how to count. Well done to the author for a creative approach to learning.


Kids love to count and they love dogs, so this counting dog book is sure to delight! Told in simple rhyme, with engaging illustrations, this book will teach about numbers, comparisons, and dog breeds. After a couple of reads, children will be able to fill in some of the words. Fun all around from an author who knows kids!


When I used to be a preschool teacher, one of the ways that students would perk up and pay attention was when we read counting books. It was a way in which they could all participate and try to sound out numbers together as a group and learn from each other. I would personally recommend this for children ages 2-3. Toddlers are going to absolutely love this. I love the playful artwork of the dogs running with their ears in the air, their tongues out, their tails wagging, and the fun way they interact with other dogs.

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