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Front cover of picture book Susan and Tim with grey tabby kitten, rain and sun

I have always loved children's books. I still have some of my favourite books from my childhood. At Primary School I had a teacher, Mr Shaw, who encouraged me to write and I created lots of little story books for the classroom library.


Later, when I became a teacher, I tried to pass on the inspirational guidance of Mr Shaw to my own students. My classroom was always overflowing with children's books, many of which I had purchased myself from charity shops, garage sales and the like! I learned how to make hard-cover books and passed on these skills to my students. We had great fun creating books together.

After a few years, I started to write articles for educational magazines which lead me to write books for various educational publishers. I finally left teaching to set up my own educational publishing company with a partner (Hopscotch Educational Publishing). We sold the company after 10 years and I then went freelance.

I now have over 90 educational books published in the UK and in Australia. But what I really wanted to write was picture books, so I ventured out into the world of self-publishing and created a few titles that are educational as well as fun! Take a look at my Children's Books section and see what you think.

The book below, Susan and Tim, is a very dog-eared book that I have treasured since my childhood.

Susan and Tim book cover
Susan and Tim book inside pages showing a cat in a baker's van
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