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Mammals and Birds of Tasmania

Cover of Mammals and Birds of Tasmania book

Mammals and Birds of Tasmania is perfect for kids who like to write, draw, colour, solve puzzles and learn about animals.


Discover the amazing animals of Tasmania, the island state of Australia. Inside you will find the world’s smallest possum, the world’s only egg-laying mammals, one of Australia’s rarest birds and the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world!


You’ll also discover the world’s only animal that does poo in the shape of a cube!


This book is bursting with stunning photos, colourful illustrations and fun facts as well as printable activity pages that will keep kids busy for hours.


The printable activity pages include:

  • puzzles, mazes

  • colouring

  • writing

  • drawing

  • designing

  • dot-to-dot

  • observation

  • comprehension

  • labelling


Keep your kids busy and having fun while they learn.

ISBN: 9780646884233

Sample page from Mammals and Birds of Tasmania book
Book reviews for Mammals & Birds of Tasmania
Sample page from mammals and Birds of Tasmania book
Sample page from Mammals & Birds of Tasmania book
Sample page from mammals and Birds of Tasmania book

Amazon reviews...

This resource is both educational and will entertain kids and adults alike. Perfect for all Australian families, tourists, want-to-go explorers, and those who are curious, inquisitive and mad-about-all-animals.


This is a cool informative book about Tasmania. You not only learn about the birds and mammals that are endemic in Tasmania, but you also learn what a mammal is, what a bird is, and a little bit about the state of Tasmania.

The book’s design and layout make the content very easy to follow. I like the fact that there are lots of well thought out, attention-
grabbing activities included. The photographs and illustrations are incredible.

What a wonderfully educational and fun book on mammals and birds specifically from Tasmania. It’s packed with information and activities, including where Tasmania is in the first place and some interesting facts about the area. It’s wonderfully formatted, with beautiful color images and graphs, and lists of features for every creature featured, as well as black & white activity pages for each one. So much value is included in this book. Recommended.

Cover of Awesome Facts About Tasmania Australia


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