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Loved it
Baby Worries is SUCH a fun book, but this kid has legitimate worries! From Mum's lips to Uncle Max's eyebrows and more, he could become one weird-looking baby! Luckily, it's all just talk ... or is it? Thanks so much for letting me have a read, loved it! 

Adam Wallace, New York Times bestselling children's author

Fun-filled facts about dinosaurs

A Dinosaur Came To My Birthday Party

Most young kids become obsessed with dinosaurs at some stage and this book doesn’t disappoint. The illustrations are brilliant! They are colourful, bright and fun with just enough facts thrown in. It covers the most well-known dinosaurs, with a few we had never heard of before. This led to a session on the internet to find out more about them, so it was very educational as well as fun. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it’s not what you expect. Good fun book. Highly recommended.

Amazon reviewer

Such a bright counting book

Monster Counting Book 1 to 20

A wonderful little book for youngsters learning to count! Very bright and engaging especially for those children who love monsters! Not only do they learn how to count but the children get to test other skills like recognising colours and familiar everyday situations. Bought for my friends grandson and he’s loving it!

Amazon reviewer 

Lots of Noisy fun!

Noisy Animal ABC

This is a lovely ABC book to add to your collection. My grandson loved the colourful illustrations. When he saw the funny spider, he couldn’t stop giggling. We had great fun trying to make the animal sounds together. The book lends itself to a lot of discussion about the types of animals too - where they live in the world etc. The funny illustrations are excellent. I would highly recommend it as it helps kids learn about animals and practise their alphabet in a very enjoyable and noisy way!

Amazon reviewer

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