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Animal ABC Activity Book cover

This book is a fun activity book about learning the ABC for ages four to seven years.

It has been specifically written to complement the Noisy Animal ABC book written by Frances Mackay, but this book is not necessary to complete the tasks.

The activities can be done in any order.


The activities include:

  • Letter formation and tracing

  • Matching

  • Solving mazes and puzzles

  • Word searches and crosswords

  • Dot-to-dot ABC puzzles

  • Colouring

  • Drawing

  • Writing letters and words

ISBN: 9780646872438

Sample page from Animal ABC Activity Book
Sample page from Animal ABC Activity Book for the letter M
Sample page from Animal ABC Activity Book, forest animals crossword
Sample page from Animal ABC Activity Book, matching beginning letters
Sample page from Animal ABC Activity Book, tracing letters of alphabet


I am a children's book creator and I must say this is one of the best activity books I have seen. Drawing, colouring, matching, mazes, puzzles, creating letters, crosswords, searching...simply an amazing book.
The funny characters are the cherry on the cake - we know that humour is one of the most powerful tools in educational settings.
Highly recommended - you can spend hours of fun with your little one without being bored.

Oh my gosh, what a cute idea! This book has so many activities that are fun to do but also educational so children can easily learn the alphabet: coloring, drawing the letters, identifying images and word match, crosswords, mazes, and more! I read and did the activities with my nephew, and it kept him (and me) engaged, laughing and we had so much fun together!


This is a well planned, well constructed and straightforward Animal ABC activity book that's perfect for children in the classroom, in long car rides, or just when you don't want them looking at the screen. Highly recommend!


I absolutely loved this activity book. There are so many options for engaging kiddos to learn and explore the alphabet. What is nice, is that it is not in the "ABCDEFGhijk..." style, it's way more creative and engaging. 


What better way to practice the alphabet than with adorable animals? Not only does this book have tons of fun activities, but you can learn about critters along the way. It even has a matching storybook! I highly recommend it for teaching the ABC’s or just getting extra practice.

ABC Activity Book

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