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Noisy Animal ABC by Frances Mackay is a children's book perfect for reading at home or school. It's a picture book suitable for ages 3-5 years.

Noisy Animal ABC by Frances Mackay  book cover

Noisy Animal ABC

Filled with humorous, brightly coloured illustrations, this book makes learning your ABC lots of fun!


Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a capital and lower case letter and an animal.

Best of all is the fun you can have trying to make the sounds of each animal. Can you SNAP like an alligator or RIBBIT like a frog?


An entertaining and educational book for 3 to 5 year-olds and early years classrooms.


​9780646852071, published November 2021

FREE resources to enhance learning

Cover page of book notes for Noisy Animal ABC book

A guide for parents/ teachers on how to use the book to enhance learning.

Questions to ask.

Ideas to explore.

Sample pages from alphabet freebie

10-page Alphabet Activity Pack printable.

Includes dot-to-dot, colouring, matching, tracing letters, puzzles and alphabetical order.

Boy reading Noisy Animal ABC book
Reviews of Noisy Animal ABC book with a spider, turkey and a parrot
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