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Dinosaur Activity Book

Cover of Dinosaur Activity Book

This book has been written specifically to support

A Dinosaur Came To My Birthday Party, but this book is not necessary to complete the activities.

A fun and educational dinosaur activity book for four to nine year-olds.


From colouring and drawing to puzzles and writing, the activities in this book encourage children to have fun while they learn about dinosaurs.


The perfect gift for any young dino fan.


The activities include:

  • Identifying, comparing and naming dinosaurs

  • Writing stories and descriptions

  • Solving mazes and puzzles

  • Word searches and crosswords

  • Dot-to-dot number puzzles

  • Colouring

  • Designing

  • Drawing dinosaurs

ISBN: 9780646871516


Sample page from dinosaur activity book showing three cartoon dinosaurs
Sample page from dinosaur activity book showing how to draw a brachiosaurus
Sample page from dinosaur activity book showing a dinosaur word search puzzle
Sample page from dinosaur activity book showing a maze puzzle
Sample page from dinosaur activity book showing a colouring page for triceratops

Amazon reviews

The dot to dot pages and a variety of puzzles (mazes/ word search etc) accompany great facts about dinosaurs for children to read and apply. This book is also filled with lots of great colouring in and drawing opportunities alongside tasks requiring problem-solving applications across the various school subject areas. Immediately, I was drawn to this book because it looked like so much fun and encouraged mindfulness alongside the dynamic educational content! Highly recommend this, especially for those kids who can't resist the allure of the dinosaur era!

This activity book is filled with many activities and coloring pages. It has plenty of coloring pages with different dinosaurs. It also includes information about all kinds of dinosaurs, has puzzles, crosswords, and connecting dots activities. The drawings are well-defined and enchanting. The directions are clear and easy to understand. It is well-designed, and will make a fun gift for a child that loves dinosaurs and interested in some facts about them. A great book to keep your children busy!


This book is so much fun! It's filled with entertaining activities and some great facts and learning all things dinosaurs. It goes along great with her other book about Dinosaurs, "A Dinosaur Came to My Birthday Party" if you want a perfect dino set.


I love the variety of activities, especially left vs right! The dino themed book will certainly entertain the kiddos. The illustrations are super captivating. I know exactly which one of my neiphlings will be getting this book as a gift!


I really love the activity books by this author, and they each have a great book to match. This one is full of fun dino facts and activities of all kinds. I’ll be gifting this one for sure.

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