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My Feelings Activity Book

Cover of My Feelings Activity Book with happy child

My Feelings Activity Book has been created specifically to support Baby Worries.

This 56-page book is a fun introduction to exploring feelings with children aged 7-11 years.

The activities include:

  • Identifying and recording emotions/ feelings

  • Writing about feelings

  • Empathising with others

  • Solving problems

  • Positive affirmation posters

  • Puzzles, mazes, colouring, designing

  • Making/ crafting

​The main purpose of the activities is to provide an opportunity for your child to think about their own feelings in a non-threatening, fun way. When children can identify their feelings, they are better able to work through them in a positive way.

ISBN: 9780646869896

Sample page from My Feelings Activity Book showing a girl crying
Sample page from My Feelings Activity book with 4 bookmarks to colour and make
Sample page from My Feelings Activity Book with blank tee shirts
Sample page from My Feelings Activity Book showing happy child and spaces to write about things that make you happy


Reviewed in the United Kingdom
As a teacher, I can see how many of the pages could be used in a school setting to help students process their feelings and to encourage them to have a positive/healthy mindset about themselves and their learning. Many pages are designed to be copied, so that the craft activity (such as making a cards/ creating pup
pets/ cutting out and gluing together a positive thoughts dice) can be undertaken. This allows multiple students to benefit from the resource.

Reviewed in the United States

This sweet children’s activity book educates children about their feelings and emotions. It also sparks a conversation between grownups and children that it is hard to stay happy all day and it is OK to feel sad, frustrated, or even sometimes angry.

Through the coloring and thoughtful activities, children will learn how to recognize their emotions and how to manage their feelings.

Puzzles and games! Motivational coloring pages! The finger puppets! Plays with the characters about their feeling! Writing about feelings! Solving problems! Mazes! Crafting! Lots MORE! It helps children to understand their feelings and how to deal with them.
Bottom line: It is a fun book that supplies healthy therapy for children and parents. It encourages them to get out their pencils or crayons, sit down, and do together something useful. There is a good variety of activities and drawings that focus on healthy emotions that may lead to a good discussions between a child, parents, teachers, or caregiver. Together, they can learn how to control and deal with negative feelings or emotions.

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