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Counting Book

Monster Counting Book 1 to 20 front cover showing 4 colourful monsters

Monster Counting Book 1 to 20 is a fun way to help children learn to count to 20 with monsters!


It's a picture book suitable for ages 3-5 years and is perfect for use at home or school.


There are monsters of all shapes and sizes, but no scary ones! 


Explores numbers, counting, comparisons, colours, number words and shapes.

ISBN: 9780646850931

Child pointing to number 11 in Monster Counting Book 1 to 20
Interior pages of Monster Counting Book 1 to 20 showing 1 monster and 2 monsters


5.0 out of 5 stars Fun and engaging...more than just a counting book!

Reviewed in the United States

The monsters are delightful and a fun book for children. While the children are learning to count, they also are learning some critical thinking skills. The author asks a question with each 'number' which makes the book interactive and some of the questions will encourage children to begin to develop critical thinking skills which are a foundation for future success in school and in life.

5.0 out of 5 stars A book that does more than support numeracy

Reviewed in the United Kingdom

Bought as a resource to help my grandsons get the concept of numbers.
Great book to read together now at 3. I can see children using this book alone as they start to gain confidence with reading and counting. The images are great and provide lots of opportunity to talk about the monsters/colours/names etc. We have had some good creative names suggested for some monsters. Supports the national curriculum (uk) concept of numbers 0-10/20 .

5.0 out of 5 stars An engaging & wonderfully written & illustrated book.

Reviewed in Australia

Monster Counting Book 1-20 lends itself to much discussion, leading to lots of learning for very young children. There are multiple mathematical concepts included in the book such as counting a variety of objects, recognition of colour, awareness of shape, size, differences, comparisons, shadows, recognising numbers & number words.
Its bright & colourful pages capitalise on young children’s natural fascination with monsters. As a retired teacher I would highly recommend this book for home or school.

Boy reading Monster Counting Book 1 to 20

The "Monster Counting Book 1 to 20" is an absolute delight! My 4-year-old loves the colorful illustrations and enjoys counting the different monsters on each page. The book's interactive questions, like finding the monster with three legs or matching shadows, keep him engaged and excited to learn. It's the perfect blend of fun and education. Highly recommend for any young child learning to count!

Goodreads Review

Interior page of Monster Counting Book 1 to 20 showing number 17
Reviews of Monster Counting Book 1 to 20 showing a green, yellow and blue monster

FREE Learning Resources

Cover page of book notes for Monster Counting Book 1 to 20

A guide for parents/ teachers on how to use the book to enhance learning.

Questions to ask.

Ideas to explore.

Sample pages from Monster counting book freebie

10-page Counting Activity Pack printable.

Includes dot-to-dot, colouring, puzzles, tracing numbers, counting, totals

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