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Kids' books with a baby as the main character

Updated: Mar 12

There are lots of books written about babies but not many kids books have a baby as the main character of the story. You have to hunt quite hard to find them! So to save you hunting, here is a list of the ones I have found. If you discover any more - please let me know.

covers of picture books with a baby as the main character

Big Bad Baby by Bruce Hale (author) and Steve Breen (illustrator)

Sammy morphs into a big bad baby when he doesn’t get what he wants! This giant baby runs riot through the streets and not even the firefighters, police or librarians can stop him. But mom is not far behind with hugs and his favourite blankie!

A funny story for fans of No David!

Cover of Big Bad Baby picture book

Ninja Baby by David Zeltser (author) and Diane Goode (illustrator)

Ninja wants to be in control and do everything by herself. Then along comes a new baby brother and she is no longer the centre of attention and she learns how to become part of a family.

Cover of Ninja Baby picture book

Avocado Baby by John Burmingham

A classic story published in 1994 but still going strong. The Hargraves want their baby to grow up big and strong but they can’t get baby interested in any foods until one day baby eats an avocado and suddenly acquires superhuman strength!

Cover of Avocado Baby picture book

The Wild, Wild Inside: A View from Mommy’s Tummy! By Kate Feiffer (author) and Laura Huliska-Beith (illustrator)

This funny story tells us what babies really get up to inside mommy’s tummy before they are born! From flying to the moon, to sliding into home base, to leaping across a stage, Mom sure would be surprised if she really knew what was going on!

Cover of The Wild, Wild Inside picture book

Baby Worries by Frances Mackay (author) and Dotti Colvin (illustrator)

Baby meets his extended family for the first time and starts to worry what he might looks like when he grows up. Will he inherit Uncle Max’s huge eyebrows? Baby’s crazy imagination is presented in hilarious detail by the illustrator and will get the whole family giggling together.

Cover of Baby Worries picture book

Elephant and the Bad Baby by Elfrida Vipont (author) and Raymond Briggs (illustrator)

Another classic still going strong, first published in 1971. The Elephant takes the Bad Baby for a ride and they go 'rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta down the road.' They help themselves to ice creams, pies, buns, crisps, biscuits, lollipops and apples, and the shopkeepers follow them down the road shouting and waving. All ends well as the Bad Baby learns to say 'Please' and his mother makes pancakes for everyone.

cover of the Elephant and The Baby picture book

Baby Brains by Simon James

It's never too early to start bringing up the smartest baby in the whole world. So thinks the expectant Mrs. Brains, who reads to the baby inside her tummy every night and plays music and language tapes to her baby during the day. And soon enough, Mr. and Mrs. Brains have their very own Baby Brains! He reads the paper, fixes the family car, and works as a doctor in the local hospital. Now even the space program is calling on him. Is there anything Baby Brains can't do?

cover of Baby Brains picture book

The Boss Baby by Marla Frazee

From the moment the baby arrived, it was obvious that he was the boss. The boss baby is used to getting his way - drinks made to order 24/7, his private jet plane, and meetings around the clock. But when his demands aren't getting proper responses, he has to go to new lengths to achieve the attention he deserves.

cover of The Boss Baby picture book

Princess Baby by Karen Katz

Poor baby, no one calls her by her real name! “I am not a buttercup or a giggly goose. I am not a cupcake. Please don’t call me Little Lamb, and never ever Sweet Gumdrop,” she insists. With a curtsy and a twirl, again and again our protagonist makes it abundantly clear who she is. So by the end of this charming and delightful book, little ones will be cheering, “Princess Baby!”

cover of Princess Baby picture book

Baby’s Got the Blues by Carol Diggory Shields (author) and Lauren Tobia (illustrator)

Babies can’t talk, can’t walk, can’t even really chew. It’s enough to make the baby in this story blue, blue, blue. So get ready for a sad tale of soggy diapers, mushy meals, and sleeping behind bars that may make you cry, too — but more likely will make you giggle!

cover of Baby's Got The Blues picture book

King Baby by Kate Beaton

All hail King Baby! He greets his adoring public with giggles and wiggles and coos, posing for photos and allowing hugs and kisses. But this royal ruler also has many demands, and when his subjects can't quite keep up, King Baby takes matters into his own tiny hands.

cover of King Baby picture book

George Speaks by Dick King-Smith (author) and Judy Brown (illustrator)

This is a story about a baby who begins talking at the age of 4 weeks! And it's not just the occasional word: George has a large vocabulary and plenty to say. From master storyteller Dick King-Smith, this is the hilarious story of a family turned upside-down by an unusually gifted (and demanding) infant.

cover of George Speaks book

Finn Throws a Fit! by David Elliott (author) and Timothy Basil Ering (illustrator)

Finn likes peaches. Usually. But not today. Today Finn doesn’t like anything. Uh-oh. Is Finn going to throw a fit? Author David Elliott directs the event with wit, warmth, and appropriate wariness, while illustrator Timothy Basil Ering’s energy and whimsy match this tantrum turn for turn. At once empathetic and uproariously funny, this picture book speaks directly to anyone (young or old) who has ever had — or tried to contain — a real earth-quaking, ground-shaking, full-on fit.

cover of Finn Throws a Fit picture book