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5 Home Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained & Educated

Being a parent is never easy, especially when you work from home. It’s hard to keep your little one entertained while ensuring they’re learning something new every day. But Carrie Spencer has you covered. Here she lists five fun activities that are sure to keep your child engaged and learning — and you’ll be able to stay productive!

1. WFH Educational Activities

Educational activities can be a lifesaver if you struggle to keep your kid busy while you’re working. Educational TV shows, such as Sesame Street or Super Why!, can provide useful information while also keeping your child entertained.

Many educational websites and apps are also available to make learning much more interactive and fun. And there are plenty of videos and games on platforms like YouTube that provide excellent content for entertainment and educational purposes.

You might be thinking, “But I typically don’t allow my kids screen time during the day.” While too much screen time can hinder a child’s growth and development, you also have to consider your personal situation — how can you stay productive and bring in money if you can’t concentrate? Find your child a few educational activities they can enjoy for small chunks in the day, and take advantage of minimal distractions!

2. Joining a Reading Competition

Reading is a fantastic way to entertain and educate your child. Joining a reading competition can be a great motivator for kids to read more because it provides both challenges and rewards. You could also sign your child up for a summer reading program at your local library, which would add an element of community.

Here are a few other strategies for getting your kid to read more:

● Set up a dedicated space with comfortable seating, good lighting, and a variety of books to make reading inevitable and enjoyable.

● Let your child see you reading for pleasure regularly; they’re more likely to imitate behaviours they observe in their parents or guardians.

● Establish a consistent time each day for reading, such as before bedtime or during a designated “quiet time.”

● Allow your child to choose books that align with their interests and preferences to foster a sense of ownership and boost their motivation.

● Encourage conversations about the books your child is reading; ask questions and share your own thoughts to enhance comprehension while making their reading experience more interactive.

3. Daily Journal Writing

It’s well-known that journaling is therapeutic, but it can also help kids improve their writing and communication skills. Encourage your child to write in their journal daily to promote better thinking skills and expand their vocabulary. It can be as simple as asking them to document their day and express their thoughts and feelings in a creative manner!

4. Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

Nature-based activities are perfect for kids who love exploring the outdoors. They can also help children learn about and appreciate the environment. If you feel like your child is stuck indoors too often, find a way to get them outside for a fun activity!

Start by creating a simple scavenger hunt around the backyard — you might be surprised how much it engages your child! Taking a nature walk, planting a tree, and feeding the birds are other ways to keep your child learning and entertained while soaking in nature.

5. Board Games

Everyone knows board games can be a lot of fun for families, but they can also be educational! Among other perks, playing educational games can help your child learn new skills while promoting social interaction with the family.

There are tons of games on the market that focus on subjects like vocabulary, history, money management, and much more. Scrabble, Oregon Trail, and Monopoly are a few classics that can challenge your kid's brain and help them learn new strategies.


Finding your child indoor activities that are entertaining and educational might seem daunting at first glance. But the ideas above can go a long way in helping your child learn while having fun, growing, and interacting with others.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to make life more exciting for your child, so keep brainstorming and researching ideas to create a healthy, productive, and enjoyable living environment for your family!

Visit Carrie's website for more fun ideas!

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