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Frances Mackay Children's Author

Make Learning Fun!

Reading and learning should be a fun experience for children.

Our books have been created to

excite children’s curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Large dog and cover of Dogs Counting Book
Cover of Monster Counting Book and funny green monster
Cover of Dogs Counting Activity Book and sample pages
Cover of Monster Counting Activity Book
A baby looking worried and blinking, a character from the picture book, Baby Worries
Cover of Baby Worries and a baby
Cover of My Feelings Activity Book and sample pages
Covers of children's books about Tasmania
Cover of A Dinosaur Came to My Birthday Party with a blue dinosaur
Cover of Dinosaur Activity Book and sample pages
Cover of Noisy Animal ABC with a spider and a turkey
Cover and sample pages of Animal ABC Activity Book

What people are saying...

Book cover of Baby Worries picture book

Every time my daughter sees this book on our kindle she says, ‘can we read this one, it’s sooo funny!’ It brings laughs and giggles every time.


If you don't laugh, it's time for a vacation. The illustrations are THE BEST EVER and drive the simple story right to five stars. I've often wished a baby could talk to know what they're thinking - here it is, the answer to all my questions. Funny stuff.

Dogs A Counting & Comparing Book cover

This book is so well done! I enjoyed every aspect of it. It's cute and fun, with engaging illustrations and rhyming words. While there are a lot of counting books out there already, I appreciate how this author put a different spin on hers, making it stand out from the rest. Not only does it keep the attention of little ones, but I also found it fun to read aloud.


A very cute book, that will enable the 2-5 yr old to learn how to count. Well done to the author for a creative approach to learning.

Cover of A Dinosaur Came To My Birthday Party

This book is perfect for little kids. My 2-year-old nephew is obsessed with dinosaurs and says, "No!" on a near-constant basis, so he was thrilled to repeat it back to me after each page. This book is super cute and has a surprise ending. Little guys laugh a lot through this one.

Cover of Awesome Facts About Tasmania Australia

I love this book!
I have passed on the link to a number of teachers who wouldn't have this resource at their fingertips. They will also love it.
This book is full of facts that are easily digested by young students. Very well done.

Book covers by Frances Mackay


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