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What Kind of Picture Books Should You Choose for Babies?

Updated: Mar 8

covers of picture books suitable for babies
Board books are perfect for babies


What kinds of picture books should you choose for babies?

1. Tough books that can be chewed and tossed around are a good choice! Board, vinyl and cloth books are perfect for beginner books.

2. Babies are attracted to bold colours. Choose books with large, bold illustrations of simple everyday pictures that the baby can relate to – they love looking at familiar things such as household items, pets, people, cars and about daily routines such as bath time or getting dressed.

3. Wordless books encourage babies and young children to create their own stories. They are perfect for the adult and child to imagine a story together – and each time the book is shared, the story can be different.

4. Words with simple texts and rhymes are best. Babies and young children love the rhythm of rhyming texts. They can move with the sing song text.

5. Books with repeating words and phrases are useful because the child can say the repeated words and thus begin to ‘read’ the story.

6. Books with one word and one picture on each page are best for very young babies.

7. Books that have lift the flaps, pop-ups and pull outs spark delight and grab attention.


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