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School Visits

Schedule a virtual author visit for your school

I would love to come to your school to do an author visit!

My visits are virtual which means I can visit a school anywhere in the world. The programme consists of:


  • 10-minute interactive video where I talk a little about my writing career and how my latest picture book, Baby Worries, was created. I then read the story.

  • Follow-up lesson plans suitable for different age/ ability groups, where the children create their own story.

  • A Baby Worries magazine in pdf format with 10 pages of printable activities for class or home use.

  • A 40-minute live zoom session where the children can ask me questions and share their stories.

What does it cost?

$100 AUD which is waived when the school prints and sends home my book order form, and secures 10 book orders. Parents have one week to return the order form to the school. Then the author fee/book order payments become due and the zoom session is arranged.

How does it work?

After watching the video, the teacher sends home the order forms. The lessons can be done on the same day (or later) & the zoom session is booked on a day to suit.

There's a competition too!

Students can win prizes by completing the competition on the back of the order form. The school will also receive a FREE set of books just by returning twenty entry forms.

How do I find out more/ book a visit?

Simply email me at and I will answer any questions you may have and send you all the details. I look forward to the possibility of meeting you and your class.

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